For the love of nature – Adavi

After being married, as per the Indian customs I moved in to my husband’s place – Pathanamthitta. After an entire year of working in Dubai – a month long break is a well deserved one. So this holiday we chose to explore a couple of places which hasnt been exposed to the world as much as it should be. Kerala tourism, is a popular initiative by the government but there are some places that still remain under cover. 

Ok now close your eyes, let me take you there … Imagine a ride through a forest with either side covered with dense forest. Dont expect lions and elephants to drop by and say hello, but expect to see monkeys on the roadside playing and jumping around with each other.   

 You can either choose to travel by a car or suggest you take a bike ride. With the wind blowing into your hair, enjoying the view pass by. The roads are well maintained for a change, not many gutters, bumps or humps. The ride itself is so exciting, you can choose to stop over at the riverside and admire the beauty of the fast flowing fresh water in the middle of the forest.
When you reach the destination you’ll find a registeration desk and the boats waiting for you to take a ride on. These are not those high-tech motor boats that you would expect, instead whats known as bowl boat or coracle rafting. Adavi promotes eco tourism through the picturesque forest and river. 

These boats are also known as basket boats and is now a heavily invested project by the government itself. But the number of people who know about this area is not many, hence our visit was a peaceful, relaxing and a rejuvinating one. A must visit if you are in Kerala we say. Nature at its best! 



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