A weekend in Sri Lanka

A fairly simple process to apply and get tourist visa for Sri Lanka, go online – apply, pay and have it emailed to you in less than 24hours. Sounds easy na? 


pinnewala elephant orphanage
pinnewala elephant orphanage
tree of life resort
tree of life resort
Destination Sri Lanka is for those who admire a weekend by the beach and even for those who love nature or actually for those who live history and architecture as well. Yes, this country has something for all. We planned an entire weekend away in Sri Lanka, instead of relaxing by the beaches we chose to explore the destination a little further. Experts would generally advise you to atleast reserve 7-8 days minimum to cover the entire country – all the must visit places. Having only 2 days in hand we started off with Elephant orphanage as soon as we got out of the airport, followed by a drive all the way to Kandy. The city were nature holds the beauty together so well that you’ll be left spellbound. Our stay was im Tree of life resort, which ofcourse is a ling drive from the city itself but the view and the stay was totally worth the ling tiring drive. 


tooth relic temple
 The main attraction as well as the must visit cite of Kandy is the tooth Relic tenple, be sure to find and take a guide along to understand the history and atory behind each and every pillar there. Close to the temple lies the palace as well. This buddhist temple is believed to house the left upper canine tooth of lord Buddha himself. 


tooth relic temple
We then proceeded to visit a tea factory and shopped for some tea bags of various flavours. 


street shopping
The following day, we spent some time shopping in the streets of Colombo, followed by a day well spent at the beach. Oh and in midst of this city lies many other landmarks of the Colombo coty which you can stop by alongside the drive. Be sure to visit Gangaramaya temple in Beira lake which is a mixture modern as well as traditional architecture. 

This city and its greenery did remind me of my hometown Kerala, but the cleanliness specially the way they maintain their streets, is a must appreciate factor. Whilst the entire journey was a little hectic, we still found some time to enjoy and feel relaxed before getting back to work the next day. 



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