Book review: The Twentieth Wife, a novel by Indu Sundaresan

Rating: ✰ ✰ ✰ The Review Set in the backdrop of 16th – 17th century India, this debut novel by Indu is a captivating story of one of the most legendary empresses of Mughal empire. The journey of a baby girl named Mehrunissa who became the queen of Mughal Empire and wife of King Jahangir who was later named Nur Jahan. The book takes you through the … Continue reading Book review: The Twentieth Wife, a novel by Indu Sundaresan


When in Nepal, pick the best resort to stay at! 

Make no mistake in picking the best resort for your stay while you are in Nepal. After spending three whole days at the Gokarna Forest Resort, I wouldn’t dare to vouch for any other. Set amidst Kathmandu Valley in an undulating forest surrounding, this resort pretty much has everything you are looking for in a rejuvenating holiday. Located about 5 kms away from the airport, … Continue reading When in Nepal, pick the best resort to stay at! 


Three days in Nepal

Kathmandu Valley lies in the heart of Nepal, a beautiful city. At a glance, it may look underdeveloped and destroyed by Earthquake, nevertheless, the country has its own beauty. People have managed to keep the history of this country alive so beautifully that every place you visit may have an awe-inspiring story to tell. The narrow streets, colourful buildings, uneven surfaces, the stores selling art … Continue reading Three days in Nepal


Weekend Eat Out: Zaroob

Zaroob is an award-winning restaurant that offers Lebanese street food and they have very recently opened up a new branch in Buhierah Corniche, Sharjah. On your drive into Sharjah, it’s very difficult to miss out this particular eat out. You will spot a well lit, colourful restaurant alongside Al Majaz Waterfront. As we walked in we were quite fascinated by hanging Khuboos and on enquiring … Continue reading Weekend Eat Out: Zaroob


Finger-licking dishes in Sri Lanka

People travel for different reasons, some in search of peace, some in search of adventure and some (like me) on food trails. If I had to summarize my travel to Sri Lanka, I would say fascinating people, interesting culture and traditions, most importantly delicious food. Their similarity to South Indian food cannot be denied, yet the flavours stand out so differently. They love spices and … Continue reading Finger-licking dishes in Sri Lanka


Eat out pick of the week: The Bennigans

This week’s eat out destination for the foodie ladies in the house was Bennigans. After a long evening shopping and strolling around the mall, we decided to settle down for some good food. We settled for Bennigans after contemplating amongst the choice of restaurants Sahara Centre had to offer. The place and the ambience was quite welcoming and warm. Decorated with massive Irish hats all … Continue reading Eat out pick of the week: The Bennigans