Welcome Hysteria to Dubai! #faceYourFears

Now, this is exciting! Did you guys hear about the all new haunted attraction that’s arrived at the Dubai Mall? Listed as the first extreme haunted attraction in the Middle East, Hysteria has opened their doors to spook their customers. Although I have been on creepy, spine-chilling rides in the past, the reviews of this one so far seems to be the most horrifying one. … Continue reading Welcome Hysteria to Dubai! #faceYourFears

External link to Human Catapult in Dubai

Human Catapult in Dubai

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine it’s lethal But, what you are about to see is just the other way around. This is where adventure gets lethal and Dubai is where it all happens! Chris Douggs McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert took on the challenge of being thrown from a slingshot into the sky. They were launched 300 feet into the Dubai sky, doing a … Continue reading Human Catapult in Dubai


4 reasons to take a break and plan a weekend getaway with your family

When it comes to my daily routine, it’s usually a bounce back from the office through the deadly deadlines to those never ending grocery shopping sprees and then comes the weekend chores at home. When you probably look out for the reasons on why you shouldn’t go on a getaway vs why you should, the first one would outweigh your decision in most instances. But … Continue reading 4 reasons to take a break and plan a weekend getaway with your family


Khachapuri, my favourite Georgian delicacy!

Last weekend I was looking out for some recipes to kick start my cooking adventure. That’s when I stumbled upon something that I tried during my last travel to Georgia. The food here is extremely delicious and all the ingredients are natural. Your foodie journey starts right at the airport with a complimentary bottle of wine. One of my favorite dish that I loved and … Continue reading Khachapuri, my favourite Georgian delicacy!


Iftar treat at the Grand Barbeque 

Let me quickly summarize my eat out experience at the Grand Barbeque last night. Value for money, wide variety, great ambience and good food – put together, a grand experience! After being invited for an iftar buffet with my family, all we wanted to have was a crane to lift us from the chair after the heavy meal. It all started with the crispy corn … Continue reading Iftar treat at the Grand Barbeque 


Eat out pick of the week: AB’s Absolute Barbecue

It’s not just any regular buffet, it’s a feast! Having been their after being recommended by one of my friends, I can now very much vouch for this place. Trust me this isn’t a paid review nor was I given a complimentary meal. We dined at the AB’s Absolute Barbecue located near Deira City Centre, Dubai. Before I rave about the food, let me warn … Continue reading Eat out pick of the week: AB’s Absolute Barbecue