Weekend Eat Out: Zaroob

Zaroob is an award-winning restaurant that offers Lebanese street food and they have very recently opened up a new branch in Buhierah Corniche, Sharjah. On your drive into Sharjah, it’s very difficult to miss out this particular eat out. You will spot a well lit, colourful restaurant alongside Al Majaz Waterfront. As we walked in we were quite fascinated by hanging Khuboos and on enquiring … Continue reading Weekend Eat Out: Zaroob


Finger-licking dishes in Sri Lanka

People travel for different reasons, some in search of peace, some in search of adventure and some (like me) on food trails. If I had to summarize my travel to Sri Lanka, I would say fascinating people, interesting culture and traditions, most importantly delicious food. Their similarity to South Indian food cannot be denied, yet the flavours stand out so differently. They love spices and … Continue reading Finger-licking dishes in Sri Lanka


Eat out pick of the week: The Bennigans

This week’s eat out destination for the foodie ladies in the house was Bennigans. After a long evening shopping and strolling around the mall, we decided to settle down for some good food. We settled for Bennigans after contemplating amongst the choice of restaurants Sahara Centre had to offer. The place and the ambience was quite welcoming and warm. Decorated with massive Irish hats all … Continue reading Eat out pick of the week: The Bennigans


For all your surprise sweet cravings…

To all the foodies out there! Don’t miss out on this little goodie box filled with sweet treats to suit your cheat day cravings. To be very honest I love surprises and little gifts, I guess most ladies do as well. Sometimes, I even go to the extend of doing online shopping for the joy of receiving little boxes and tu boxing  them. Now imagine … Continue reading For all your surprise sweet cravings…


Melt away this summer with six layered icecream!

Having seen n number mouth watering pictures on instagram, Booza frosties have always been on top of my list. Booza located in Downtown Dubai within the bounds of Souk Al Bahar facing the Dubai fountains, this place serves a great mix of traditional Lebanese ice cream flavours. While the left side of the wing is dedicated to the milk based flavours the right side is … Continue reading Melt away this summer with six layered icecream!

A glimpse of history

History lover’s paradise – Elephanta Caves

When we decided to visit Mumbai over the weekend, there was just one place that we wanted to explore as a history lover – Ajanta Elora caves. For a weekend trip this place would have been a long cut, about 450-500 kms from the Mumbai city. The alternate option, was the miniature version – The Elephanta caves. Although the trip to the Elephanta caves from … Continue reading History lover’s paradise – Elephanta Caves